Secure payment

Our secure payment:

Cyberplus Paiement, secure online payment system.


For Aromatics HOMS, payment security is essential.

To ensure you buying safely, we chose the secure payment system of the People's Bank, Cyberplus Paiement.

With this system, you are sure that the information entered (bank details) run exclusively between banks and are inaccessible by others.

Using Visa / Mastercard:

Register 3DS program (Visa and Mastercard).

This program is aimed at the fight against fraud by requiring the user who wishes to make a payment over the Internet, to identify when paying by credit card on the online merchant's website.

During the transaction, the credit card holder is directed to a page of his bank and grabbed a given that it can be verified.

This security is evidenced by the presence of one of the following 2 logos on the merchant's website: